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 Character Profiles - Chie Creami

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PostSubject: Character Profiles - Chie Creami   Character Profiles - Chie Creami I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 07, 2011 8:18 pm


Name: Chie Creami

Gender: Female

Personality: Bubbly, over-friendly with a slightly perverted mind and tends to touch people more than she should. There is an underlying sadness to her however - her lack of memory, and flashbacks to times she doesn't remember disturb her.

Age: 18


Chie has very little recollection of what happened to her up until a few months ago... The first memory she can recall is waking up in an alleyway - her clothes all ripped and torn apart as if she had been attacked. Looking around, she can see how dirty her surroundings are - overturned dustbins strewn about after a struggle, broken sake bottles spill their contents onto the stone-cobbled floor. She sat there in a puddle for an hour or so - unable to comprehend her situation..

..Something drove her to stand up.. Her legs are weak, but they should hold her up long enough to find out where she was.. Looking down, she could see she was wearing what used to be a yellow sundress - now stained and smelling like a gutter.. She stumbles to a doorway and knocks on it - knowing how dangerous it could be. Could her attacker be behind the door? Or someone even worse? The door creaks open to reveal a tall and shifty-looking man.

"What do you want, tramp?!" He asks abruptly. Tears well up in Chie's eyes and the filth on her face is streaked with pale pink lines. The man softens immediately and lets his uninvited guest enter - ushering her towards the stairs. "Go take a bath - you'll feel better afterwards.. My maid will tend to your every need. Francesca! Run a hot bath for the young lady please!"

A bath was quickly run by the maid known as Francesca - a brunette woman in her mid-twenties. She could see the girl before her was obviously in shock, and wasn't in a fit state to do anything for herself. Undoing the back of Chie's dress, she strips her naked and helps her into the bath. "Don't worry Honey - you're among friends." She says as she begins to sponge Chie down - making sure to clean her thoroughly all over. The water was rather hot, but it felt good on Chie's skin - a smile graced her face for the first time in her memory. "Thank you."

After that incident, the man (now known as Tatsuya) took Chie into his home - offering her a place to stay until she found out where she had come from. Even now Chie doesn't remember anything, but has flashbacks that confuse her. She doesn't let it get her down however - her policy is that her memory will come back in time. Her attack has led to strange fantasies however...

Until she finds her attacker, she roams the streets looking for clues, and friends (and maybe someone to help her fulfil her new-found fetishes).


Hair Colour: Purple - and yes it's her natural colour.

Hair Length: Down to her lower back.

Eye Colour: Green.

Skin Tone: Not pale, but not tanned either.

Body build: Curvy.

Attire: Usually white blouses with frilly edges, with short purple, or green tartan skirts. Usually wears lacy violet underwear.

Accessories: No jewellery, but a nice purple handbag given to her by Francesca.


Physical Strength: Medium strength - can take a lot of punishment in sticky situations.

Mental Strength: Medium - quite resilient in character.

Abilities: Unknown.
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Character Profiles - Chie Creami
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